Sprocket Tech Website Design: Empowering Our Partners Through WordPress

We’re a different website design company.

You need more than just a pretty website. At Sprocket Tech, we specialize in creating mobile responsive WordPress websites with a focus on good design, web standards, user-experience and search engine optimization that work seamlessly across desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. We offer custom websites at competitive prices. All while ensuring that you can update the content yourself! All of our websites are set up to run on the latest WordPress software and automatically update with the latest security fixes and feature updates so that you will have one less thing to worry about.

Whether you are a start-up, an established business, non-profit, or individual, with our technical expertise, we can help you have a better online presence and help you get traffic to your website. We understand that there may be budget limitations. Unlike other web design companies, we enable you so that you don’t have to rely on us. This can save your small business money over the long term. Of course we are always here to partner with you, if you’re growing fast and don’t have the time to manage the content of your website and are not yet ready to hire staff to do so. Or if you simply want someone else to handle your website, we become an extra player on your team. It’s your choice! We know what it takes to run a successful small business and we are here for you, whenever you decide that you need us!

So whether you are just starting out in your business venture or if you have an existing website on any platform, we can not just make a new website that you are proud to show off, but also one that you can comfortably take charge of.

Already have a WordPress website and just need some additional support?

We can do that too. Whether you need WordPress training, website maintenance, you want to free yourself from a less forthcoming developer or you’re just not sure how to make a more advanced change to your website, we can help. We charge an hourly rate for our website consulting services so that you have one less thing to worry about.

You’re local. We’re local.

We’re a local website designer. We love supporting local businesses, just like you.

What Sprocket Tech can do for your local business:

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