All About Blogs


What is a Blog?

So you’ve heard the terms “blog”, “blogger”, “blogging”, but what exactly is a blog? A blog is short for Web Log and is basically a frequently updated diary-style web page. A typical blog contains dated posts that include text, images or video, and/or links related to its topic. Topics can vary, but it’s best to have it be relevant in some way to your website, business or industry.

The Importance of a Blog for Your Business

In addition to providing existing and potential customers with valuable information, writing a blog with relevant content can help your search engine results. This in turn will help drive more traffic to your website from search engines such as Google. Blogs will also increase traffic to your website from people sharing your blog on social media sites like Medium, Reddit, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Blog Do’s and Don’ts

Quality content is critical. Tips, news, or any other advice or information are good topics.  However, avoid directly selling your products or services. No one wants to read an ad. Instead, give advice to your readers and build a following as an expert in your field. Remember to stay focused, use search terms and keywords where you can, and always make sure the content adds value.